BookSurfing  – A social initiative bringing strangers together through texts. The first surf was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 2013, and since then surfs have been held in hundreds of homes, bars, cafes, parks and other hosting spaces all around the world. Surfs are offered to the general public free of charge, and have no political or religious agenda. The only moving force behind BookSurfing is curiosity and the ability to listen to others.


BookSurfing – the guidelines
  1. Every participant will read out loud to the entire group.

  2. The participants may use any readable text .

  3. The text (or extract) read out loud must not exceed a page and a half (about 450 words).

  4. In every session, at least one of the participants must be new to BookSurfing.

  5. Among the participants there should always be some people who don't know each other.

  6. Every surf must have a moderator.

An interview with Raz Spector

About Book Surfing