Book Surfing - The Experience

The Experience

BookSurfing  – A social initiative bringing strangers together through texts. The first surf was held in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 2013, and since then surfs have been held in hundreds of homes, bars, cafes, parks and other hosting spaces all around the world. Surfs are offered to the general public free of charge, and have no political or religious agenda. The only moving force behind BookSurfing is curiosity and the ability to listen to others.

Surfers speak up

Stern Tzaphira

In surfs I find the exceptional and surprising Jerusalem reality – meeting people with whom you’d never dream of sharing poetry or something you wrote: Ex-religious, secular, all sorts of religious affiliations, Arabic-speaking radical leftist women, hilariously funny right-wingers, drawer-filling poets and just dreamers.

Gr Sharon

I see BookSurfing first and foremost as a meeting. A meeting that actively rejects and rebels against what’s so hard and painful for the human heart: In one word: alienation. In another: loneliness. In a third: estrangement. And a fourth: emptiness.

Yaniv Rosenfeld

The honesty and courage needed for such a meeting are not obvious. Perhaps that’s why, after over three hours of conversation and exposure to such deep and fascinating people – I felt I wanted even more of it.

Bat Ami Behiri Varsano

A warm, relaxed atmosphere. It is simply unthinkable that such a group of people could meet in any other context to find such common interests and language!  This is BookSurfing!!!

Zeev Lurya

It was a fascinating evening. Both the texts and the caring, emotional involvement of the participants in the various texts. Yes, we had many challenging interactions due to a diverse and interesting group of knowledgeable participants. Thank you.

Taly Yaron

During all the surfs I participated in, I was amazed again and again by the totally new stuff I heard from my fellow surfers. Each time, subjects and texts about which I didn’t know a thing opened up for me. People, pursuits, beliefs, professions, creations and dreams – all totally