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Words and texts are gateways into new ideological, intellectual and cultural dimensions. BookSurfing is an adventure that invites you to meet other viewpoints, and explore your own through the exchange of ideas, and the sharing of emotions and experiences.
The project was conceived by social entrepreneur Raz Spector, who realized that if not encouraged to move out of their comfort zone, people spend most of their free time with people of their own age, mindset and social background. He envisioned the “surf” as a way in which a small group of strangers could meet, read, and discuss texts in an intimate social and cultural setting, BookSurfing has been called “the perfect antidote to urban alienation.”
In traditional book clubs, people who know each other meet to discuss a certain book that they have read.
BookSurfing is a totally different experience, because the encounter with unknown or revisited texts sparks an unexpected intellectual and emotional experience – laughter, sometimes tears, memories, associations and new perspectives.
Each text can be the entry point for a new and exciting discussion, and the ultimate ice breaker between strangers. The choice of text can say a lot about the person; it sometimes reflects his or her reading interests, agendas, and beliefs.
The first surf was held in Tel Aviv on June 6th, 2013, hosted and moderated by Book Surfing founder and Israeli author Raz Spector. Since then Raz has led the establishment of book surfing activities across Israel and abroad, in Europe, North and South America and as far as Australia. BookSurfing activities are structured and well organized by regional administrators.
Yes! The only restriction is size – the text you bring should be no more than a page and a half of a book (about 450 words). This allows people to be able to easily absorb the text. BookSurfing texts have included to date every kind of text imaginable—from classic literature and prose to emails, posts, media articles, personal writing, manuals, correspondence, text messages and more.
Our experience has shown that 8 participants is the perfect number for a surf, because it enables diversity, scintillating conversation and enough time to hear all the texts.
Moderators are in charge of ensuring the flow of the surf, and making sure everyone has a chance to express themselves and read their texts. They also sum up the post for our Facebook pages. Except for that, they read and share ideas like every other participant in the group.
Contact us and we will teach you the ropes!
We have a refreshment break, (everyone pitches in and brings something) for mingling. Many people exchange contact info is they are interested in meeting someone again.
There may be time for two rounds of reading, in addition, sometimes the direction of the discussion makes one text more relevant than the other.
The moderator decides on the final list of participants from those who registered for the surf. The objective is to create a diverse group, preserve age and gender balance. and include new and veteran surfers as well.
On average there are about 25 people who register for each surf, yet only eight can take part (including the host and moderator). We recommend that you mention that you are new to BookSurfing when you register.
Most surfs last about 3.5 hours, including the break.
It is always advisable to let the moderator know of a delay, and if you are up to 15 minutes late, he/she will usually wait for you before starting. If you have committed to a surf, we ask that you only cancel in case of an emergency, and preferably at least 24 hours ahead of time, so the moderator has time to find someone in your place. Remember, some surfs have a lot of demand and if you cancel at the last minute you have also prevented someone else from attending.

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