BookSurfing is a unique social initiative that brings strangers of all ages and backgrounds together through the love of texts. Surfs are social and cultural adventures that create intimate spaces for the sharing of ideas, emotions and personal experiences.
Since its inception in Tel Aviv, Israel in June 2013, BookSurfing has spread to dozens of locations in Israel and abroad. To date, more than 8,000 people have participated in “surfs” in at least eight different languages around the globe.  Currently, there are 4,000 active BookSurfers.
Surfs are offered to the general public free of charge and have no political or religious agenda. They can be held in homes, bars, cafes, parks and any other venue where eight people can sit, read texts, and engage in discussion. The success of BookSurfing stems from the human desire for connection, natural curiosity and receptiveness, and a passion for words.

How does BookSurfing work?
  • Eight people meet

  • A surf  can be an open surf (no specific topic)  or can have a specific, pre-agreed topic

  • Each participant reads in turn the text they have chosen. Any text is acceptable, if it
    does not exceed 450 words. A discussion ensues, and then the next participant reads

  • In every session, at least one of the participants should be a newcomer to BookSurfing

  • Among the participants in a particular surf, some people should be meeting for the first time

  • Every surf must have a moderator

An interview with Raz Spector

About Book Surfing