Welcome to the Inaugural “World BookSurfing Day”!


BookSurfing held its first World BookSurfing Day on June 2, 2018 in honor of its fifth anniversary and to allow 4,000 active booksurfers from around the world to celebrate this amazing initiative.
Over 400 BookSurfs take place each year in Israel alone, and the trend has spread globally to cities such as Mexico City, Barcelona, Cambridge, UK; Toronto; New Jersey, Buenos Aires, Tirana and more, where BookSurfing is becoming a popular form of cultural entertainment.
The World BookSurfing Day (WBD) which was a huge success, featured surfs in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Odernheim, Germany; Pune, India; Seattle, USA; Metepec and Mexico City,  Mexico; Berlin, Germany; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tirana, Albania (where BookSurfing has become extremely popular) and of course across Israel cities and towns including Shoham, Gadera, Raanana, Herzliya, Maghar (in Arabic), Haifa among others.

Introducing BookSurfing

A surf is an intuitive and easy to produce kind of session intended for small random groups of text lovers. It emphasizes readings by all participants and the inclusion of newcomers and strangers. Here are the guidelines that define it:
1. Every participant will read out loud to the entire group.
2. The participants may use any readable text .
3. The text (or extract) read out loud must not exceed a page and a half (about 450 words).
4. In every session, at least one of the participants must be new to BookSurfing.
5. Among the participants there should always be some people who don't know each other.
6. Every surf must have a moderator.
1. BookSurfs typically last 2-3 hours.
2. The Moderator starts the surf out with the participants introducing themselves, in whatever way they like, to the group.
3. Every participant will take turns reading their text out loud to the group.
4. The moderator will allow time for the group to explore the text through spontaneous discussion before moving onto the next text.
5. Having a short intermission around the halfway point is important.
6. The moderator needs to be the timekeeper to ensure that there is ample time for everyone to present their reading and have time to discuss it.
7. Try to bring together as diverse a group as possible (different ages, genders, socio economic backgrounds, points of origin)
8. Having a “theme” set ahead of time for the readings is optional. It helps in giving a certain shared focus to the readings and the discussion.
- make of preliminary list of people whom you think might want to come
- Use the platform of facebook event/whatsapp group/meetup to invite more people to the surf.
- Decide a final list of 6-9 people from all those interested in participating (it is recommended not to exceed 9 participants)
- Give all participants the address, time, and basic instructions about food and beverages for the session.
- Surf away!
Producing your own surf should be quite easy, but first timers may encounter some technical/logistic obstacles. We have lots of experience and will be happy to hear from you and provide tips/guidance so that your production experience is as smooth as possible. Feel free to contact us at: [email protected]